Saturday, June 13, 2009

Museum of Outdoor Arts' Cabinet of Curiosities Show

MOA's indoor show this fall is Cabinet of Curiosities. 
It is a group show curated by Cynthia Madden Leitner, and involves 6 incredible artists and several contributors (including Jayne HH) plus the Museum team.
My charge in the show is series of cabinets and acquired objects that make up a room for the
Imaginary and Impossible Wunderkammer of Lewis Carroll & his Collection of Fairy Tale Reliquaries
...or something to that effect.
The show will open in early October 2009
On a Saturday, with a Fashion Show!
and will run in to March (without hurting it) 2010
At MOA's indoor gallery at the Englewood Civic Center in Englewood, Colorado, US.


  1. Hi. I'm here. You might forget to tell me something....

  2. Saw the exhibit today and really enjoyed it!