Sunday, July 19, 2009


I feel that the "containment" part of the Cabinet of Curiosities show is of up most importance. I am working on the paperwork and forms that will accompany the objects. The trappings around the object: lens, support, documentation, dust cover, seal, frame, traveling case, mount, etc. - Those display devices greatly contribute to making the object special or precious or magical.  The travel casework or wrapper is more useful when it creates part of the display (rather than the need to store away the wrappings and trappings). In this instance, We will assume that each curiosity was sent from somewhere, and that we may be a mere respite or stop on the objects long journey. Relics weaken in physical strength over time, and layers of protection are added. Also, relics are often broken in smaller and smaller pieces, to be divided amongst the collectors, keepers & hoarders therefore, the sensationalism of the remaining fragment grows as its stature diminuates. The Vitae of the object, the memory, of course increases as it is shuttled from place to place, owner or keeper to keeper, and the imprint of those touched by it grows like the people sticking to each other in the story of the Golden Swan of Aesop's Fables.

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